Hypodermic Needles


These are standard size, single-use hypodermic needles. They are sterile and “In Date”, and are sold in boxes of 100.

It’s a good idea to have a pair of Surgical Wire Cutting Scissors on hand when working with needles.

Sharps Container

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Additional information

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Gauge and Size

18G x 1", 18G x 1.5", 19G x 1", 19G x 1.5", 20G x 1", 20G x 1.5", 21G x 1", 21G x 1.5", 22G x 1", 22G x 1.5", 23G x 1", 23G x 1.5", 25G x 1", 25G x 1.5", 27G x 1.25"


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